2008 NZMRI Conference on Conformal Geometry

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New Zealand Mathematics Research Institute

Thematic Programme Conformal Geometry and its Applications

Summer Workshop on Conformal geometry and geometric approaches to PDE

Nelson, 6 - 12 January 2008
Image:Tahuna Beach Nelson.jpg

The focus of the 2008 NZMRI Summer Workshop was Conformal geometry and geometric approaches to partial differential equations

The themes are the use of conformal geometry, and related techniques, to study geometric and topological properties of manifolds and the use of geometric approaches to study partial differential equations.

It featured outstanding researchers, each giving a series of expository lectures surveying recent developments in the area. Lectures were accessible to a general mathematical audience.

Organisers Rod Gover, Gaven Martin, Paul-Andi Nagy, Tom ter Elst

Invited speakers and their talk outlines

Further resources

How tractor connections work

This excellent (Made in Nelson) graphic portrayal of a tractor connection is due to Claude LeBrun.

Related Conferences and Workshops

This workshop is affiliated with the NZIMA programme "Conformal Geometry and its Applications" - to run July to December 2008.

  • Research workshop: Parabolic Geometry and PDE, 4-8 August 2008, Massey University, Albany.
  • Focussed Research Period: "Parabolic geometry, PDE and prolonged systems", 20 July - 10 September 10 2008, University of Auckland

The details below are now archive-relevant: NZMRI Conformal Geonmetry and PDEs Workshop Further details

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