Research Workshop on Parabolic Geometry

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Conformal Geometry and its Applications Programme
Research Workshop

Parabolic Geometry and PDE

4 - 8 August 2008


Rod Gover and Gaven Martin

Invited Speakers

  • Jesse Alt
  • Stuart Armstrong
  • Paul Baird
  • Robert Bartnik
  • Anthony D.Blaom
  • Robert Bryant
  • Andreas Cap
  • Maciej Dunajski
  • Michael Eastwood
  • Jörg Frauendiener
  • Matthias Hammerl
  • Chong-Kyu Han
  • Kengo Hirachi
  • Ernie Kalnins
  • Felipe Leitner
  • Pengzi Miao
  • Paul Andi Nagy
  • Katharina Neusser
  • George Sparling
  • Jan Slovak
  • Petr Somberg
  • Vladimir Soucek
  • Keizo Yamaguchi


Workshop Programme


Prolonged differential systems

Higher symmetries of PDE and their applications

Geometric PDE

Parabolic geometry (including Conformal geometry, CR geometry and related structures)

Hyperbolic Geometry

The workshop is part of a Focussed Research Period "Parabolic geometry, PDE and prolonged systems" July 20 - September 10 to be held at the University of Auckland as a key activity of the NZIMA programme "Conformal Geometry and its Applications" directed by Rod Gover and Gaven Martin.

The organisers are also happy to acknowledge support from the NZIAS.

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