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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland. Follow us on Twitter



Maths in the media

-MIT Professor Gil Strang's public lecture (video stream)
- Danica McKellar, actress and UCLA Maths major


For more details about John's work and the Jones medal
More staff news
  • PhD students news Two new PhD students and yet another successful oral examinations.
More student news



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      Location: 38 Princes St, Science Centre, Building 303 (pdf), Level 3, Auckland Central.
      Postal Address: Department of Mathematics, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
      Phone: (+64 9) 923-87 77 or -58 86, Internal: 88 777 / 85 886, Fax: (+64 9) 3737 457, Internal: 85 457, E-Mail:

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