Graham M. Donovan

Senior Lecturer (2013- )
Head of Applied Maths Unit (2018-)
Lecturer (2011-2012)
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142
New Zealand
+64 9 923 8780

Postdoc, 2008-2010
Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Lung Research Group
University of Auckland
with M.H. Tawhai

PhD, 2008
MSc, 2005
Applied Mathematics
Northwestern University
with W.L. Kath

BSc, 2003
University of Washington

Current opportunities

Research projects are available for motivated and capable students at all levels. Funding (fees+stipend) is available for PhD students with strong academic records. Please see contact me if interested; my recent publications indicate the kinds of project which are available. In general my group seeks to use novel mathematical, computational and statistical methods to improve understanding of biological problems, in particular in understanding the physiology of the airways in asthma, but also in other areas including immunology and plant physiology.

Research Students & Postdocs

Former students:
K. O'Byrne (PhD), P. Cao (PhD), A. Rampadarath (PhD), A. Ibarra (PhD),
S. Su (MSc), B. Yu (MSc), M. Wu (MSc & BSc honours),
E. Black (honours), Y. Pan (honours), J. Kang (BSc honours), D. Waters (BSc honours), N. Wright (BSc honours & summer), X. Lu (honours), E. Rahim (honours),
H. Wiseman (summer research scholar), J. Dowie (summer research scholar), K. McEwan (summer research scholar), J. He (summer), T. Kritter (summer), M. Khmaladze (research student), M. Hawkins (summer), S. Zhang (summer)

Former postdocs: B.J. Breen, K.E. Murphy, A.S. Purewal


Google Scholar citations
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† = student co-author

Some PDFs are linked below; for those that aren't, please feel free to email if you need a copy of one.


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