Department of Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics Unit

Mathematicians in this group study a wide range of applied problems, from mathematical biology to industrial mathematics to quantum chemistry.

Permanent staff

  • Robert Chan
    Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations and Hamiltonian problems
  • Graham Donovan
    Mathematical biology and physiology; rare event and Monte Carlo simulation
  • Jari Kaipio
    Statistical inverse problems and tomography; Applications of mathematics to industrial problems
  • Vivien Kirk
    Dynamical systems and nonlinear ordinary differential equations; The theory of local and global bifurcations; Models of intracellular calcium dynamics
  • Bernd Krauskopf
    Dynamical systems theory and its applications to real-world problems
  • Hinke Osinga
    Dynamical systems theory and development of numerical methods for invariant manifolds and their bifurcations
  • Claire Postlethwaite
    Delay equations and feedback control; The theory of global bifurcations; Mathematical models of animal behaviour
  • Philip Sharp
    Modelling the solar system; Numerical methods for long-time solution of ordinary differential equations
  • James Sneyd
    Mathematical medicine and physiology; Dynamical systems and the theory of calcium waves and oscillations
  • Steve Taylor
    Control theory of partial differential equations; Computational quantum chemistry
  • Shixiao Wang
    Nonlinear functional analysis and partial differential equations; Fluid dynamics and hydrodynamic stability

Research fellows

  • Stefanie Hittmeyer                                                  Dynamical systems
  • Soizic Terrien
    Nonlinear dynamics of lasars

Emeritus member of staff

  • John Butcher
    Numerical Analysis: methods for ordinary differential equations

Recent and Current Visitors

Seminars and other recent events

Current and recent postgraduate students

  • Sebastian Boie: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology
  • Peter Bratby: Neural Network Models of the Cerebellum
  • Jennifer Creaser: Global Bifurcations in the Lorenz System: Beyond the 1D-map Approximation
  • Saeed Farjami: Analysis of Transient Dynamics and Intrinsic Excitability
  • Andrus Giraldo: Global Bifurcations Involving Periodic Orbits of Saddle Type
  • Rui Gong: The Global and Nonlinear Stability Theory for Vortex-Dominated Flows
  • Anton Gulley: Imaging the Alpine Fault through Fault Zone Guided Waves
  • Sylvia Han: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology
  • Cris Hasan: Slow-Fast Dynamics in Higher-Dimensional Systems
  • Andrew Keane: Climate Models with Delays
  • Peter Langfield: Isochrons and Phaseless Sets
  • Jose Mujica: Invariant and Slow Manifolds in Multiple-Time-Scale Systems
  • Ruanui Nicholson: Uncertainties and Model Reduction in Astronomical Imaging
  • Kate O'Byrne: Mathematical Modelling of Airway Smooth Muscle
  • Anup Purewal: Differential Delay Equations
  • Tertius Ralph: Excluded volume effects of diffusing particle systems
  • Noorhelyna Razali: Symmetrisation of Runge-Kutta Methods for IVPs
  • Katie Sharp: Dynamical Systems of Mathematical Biology
  • Rebecca Turner: Mathematical Models of Animal Navigation
  • Attique Ur Rehman: Computational Astronomy
  • Pun Wong Yau: The Global and Nonlinear Stability Theory for Vortex-dominated Flows