Abstracts and/or papers not presented at the Conference

Some researchers were unable to attend the Conference but we received an abstract or/and a paper from them. They are listed below in alphabetic order of first author's name. The aim is to give more examples of current research in ethnomathematics in different countries.

Adams, B., Adam, S. & Opbroek, M. Adapting culturally based curriculum for use in classrooms of other cultures. A case example from Nenana, Alaska, USA.  Open abstract: word     Open paper: word

Alberti, M. & Gorgorió, N. Cultural tools as mediators of mathematical cognition: Iron and bamboo compasses of the Torajan woodcarvers of Sulawesi. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Alberti, M. The Kira-kira method of the Torajan woodcarvers of Sulawesi to divide a segment into equal parts. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Andrade (de), S., Gonçalves Costa, W. N. & Domingues, K. C. Ethnomathematics: a genealogical and archaeological look at mathematics.Chassot, A. I. Um outro marco zero para olhar a História da Ci�ncia e da Matemàtica na America Latina. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Chassot, I. Um outro marco zero para olhar a História da Ciência e da Matemática na América Latina. Open abstract: word

Chateaubriand, N. A. Edução matemàtica em timor leste. Open abstract: word    Open paper: pdf

Dias, A. L., Dias J. & Grossman G. An anthropological perspective on the mathematics of uril, a Capeverdean game. Open abstract: word

Domingues, K. C. Ethnomathematics and the formation of the Indigenous teachers of the state of São Paulo – Brazil. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Dunn, T. K. Using Hmong textiles to explore symmetry, patterns, and tessellations: influences of culturally based mathematics materials on teaching and learning. Open abstract: word

El Bouhtoury, M. La comprensión de la probabilidad frecuencial en el caso de alumnos Marroquies y Españoles: un estudio comparativo. Open abstract: word

Fernandes, E. & Mesquita, M. Social and technical speech: discussion of mathematics knowledge production out of school of not dominant cultures. Open abstract: word

Ferreira, R. Etnomatemática: uma manifestaço do renascimento trágico na paisagem pós-moderna. Open abstract: word

Fisher, J. Enriching students' learning through ethnomathematics. Open abstract: word    Open paper: pdf

Frankenstein, M., Mukhopadhyay, S. & Powell A. B. Ethnomathematics: preparing culturally responsive teachers. Open abstract: word

Horsthemeke, K. Ethnomyths: a critical examination of the epistemological and educational challenges of ethnomathematics. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Hudson, R. TIMSS 1999 video study, what can other countries learn from the Japanese mathematics teachers, as well as culturally as a whole? Open abstract: word

Hudson, R. Perceptions on technology of Australian mathematics teachers: a reflection from culturally diverse society. Open abstract: word

Karam, R. & Liblik A. Skilled calculus from Brazilian´s northeastern farming region. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Knijnik, G. Ethnomathematics research in a postmodern time. Open abstract: word

Lam, E. Teaching mathematics to Indigenous students: a comparative study of New Zealand and the Province of Saskatchewan. Open abstract: word

Liblik, A. Throwing Seeds II... Open abstract: word

Matang, R. Linking ethnomathematics, constructivist theory of learning and situated cognition: an example from Papua New Guinea. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Matos, J. F., Santos, M. & Mesquita M. Technoracy, materacy and literacy: recognizing, validating, and certifying mathematical competences. Open abstract: word

Mesquito, M. & Restivo, S. Against essentialism: the end of Platonist mathematics. Open abstract: word

Michieli Vitturi (de), M. & Favilli, F. Sona drawings, mirror curves and pattern designs. Open abstract: word    Open paper: word

Monteiro, A. & Mendes, J. R. Knowledge, school and non-school practices: building relationships about the process of inclusion / exclusion in the curriculum. Open abstract: word

Mosimege, M. Ethnomathematical research and indigenous knowledge systems in South Africa: current developments and future implications. Open abstract: word

Pais, A., Gerardo, H. & Lima, V. Ethnomathematics and critical mathematics education: conflicts and convergences. Open abstract: word

Pimm, D. Language and ethnomathematics. Open abstract: word

Ribeiro, J. P. Dinâmica intercultural: a etnomatemática como um caminho. Open abstract: word

Santos, M., Matos, J. P. Recognizing mathematical competences. Open abstract: word

Vandendriessche, E. & Keller, A. From string figures to mathematical riddles, exploring definitions of mathematics. Open abstract: word

Walls, F. Images of mathematics education in the South Pacific: discursive practices as cultural cargo. Open abstract: word

Wanderer, F. Matemática escolar como mecanismo de regulação: um estudo na perspectiva da Etnomatemática. Open abstract: word

Wong, P. Votive mathematical tablets in Edo Japan. Open abstract: word