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  • Yet another PhD oral defence: Dr (in Astronomy) Howie Cohl has passed his Analysis thesis oral examination with flying colours on July 5th. In some parts of the world he would now be called Dr Dr Howard Cohl.
  • Two more PhD students have joined the department over the last couple of months: Katie Sharp continues with a PhD thesis in mathematical Biology after a successful MSc from UoA. Sam Porath (also an Applied Maths MSc from UoA) will embark in a part-time Differential Geometry thesis, while employed in a consultancy role with a prestigious Auckland Company.
  • Congratulations to the Student Research Conference participants. The talks were of a very good standard and the jury was impressed with the quality of slides and the fact that every talk stayed within in the allotted time. The 2010 prize winners are: Helen Broome, Tatyana Gvozdeva, Yousaf Habib, Laurence Palk
  • After a brilliant thesis in Applied Mathematics, Inga Wang has graduated last Friday, May 7.
  • Five students have joined the Department since the beginning of the year, to pursue their studies and research at PhD level: Pingyu Nan and Michael Smith (Applied Mathematics), Ali Hameed, Douglas Wilson and Anastasia Zaytseva (Pure Mathematics). Welcome to all!
  • Willy Alanguy has successfully defended his PhD thesis in Etnomathematics entitled: Stone wall and water flows: Interrogating Cultural Practice and Mathematics om March 24
  • Inga Wang defended her PhD thesis Modelling Contraction and Calcium Dynamics of the Smooth Muscle Cells in the Lung on February 16.

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Smith's Speak-easy Prize Win

Honours student Michael Smith jointly won the New Zealand Mathematical Society prize for the best contributed talk by a student at an annual New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium.

Smith's talk on the Vibration of floating and submerged elastic plates had some stiff competition so congratulations are well deserved, says Post-Graduate advisor Steve Taylor.

The prize, in honour of New Zealand born mathematician Alexander Craig Aitken, was first offered in 1995 and carries a purse of $500. Previous Mathematics department winners include Jamie Sneddon (1999), Amanda Elvin and Elan Gin (2005).

Smith begin his PhD in 2010 on the same topic and will be supervised by Dr Mike Meylan. He was also a joint winner in this year's Mathematics Department student research conference talks.

Summer scholarships

29 students have been awarded a summer scholarship, to work in the Department over the 2009-2010 summer break.

Stevie Budden

Congratulations to Stevie Budden, who had his PhD oral exam by video link to London tonight. Stevie's examiners were impressed by Stevie's development of algebraic properties of quandles, an algebraic group-like object which can be used to characterise knots. It is recommended that his thesis be accepted subject to minor changes overseen by his supervisor.

Eyal Loz

Eyal Loz successfully defended his PhD thesis (18 June 2009) which has re-written about half of the table of largest known graphs/networks of prescribed (small) degree and diameter, improving many values that were the best known for about 20 years. This work (carried out largely under the supervision of Jozef Siran) centres around constructing regular covers of given graphs using voltage graphs, over abelian groups.

And the prizes go to ...

After long, careful, well-informed and intellectually impressive deliberations, the Student Research Conference Prize Committee has come to a decision! And the winners are ..... (drumroll...)

  • Howie Cohl (cheers)
  • Tatyana Gvozdeva (screams from the audience)
  • Emily Harvey (fainting in the aisles)
  • Mike Smith (flowers thrown)

Congratulations to these four, who each win a prize of $1,000, to be spent on wise and sensible things such as research expenses and pencils.

Trinity College Scholarship

Heather Macbeth has accepted a Trinity Studentship in Mathematics. The Honours student and International Mathematics Olympiad silver and bronze medalist has also gained admittance at Princeton University as a PhD student. The Trinity scholarship covers expenses to complete the Cambridge "Tripos Part III" (Masters-equivalent) as a member of Trinity College. Heather will put Princeton on hold for a year.

Red Sock Success, Snowbird

Red socks have become something of a Kiwi national lucky charm but Emily Harvey's win at the prestigious Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) conference in Snowbird, Utah is due more to professionalism and enthusiasm than luck.

The Red Sock Awards for best student poster presentation has become a highlight of recent SIAM dynamical systems conferences and Emily's presentation feat was duly rewarded. SIAM brings together researchers working on a variety of problems in dynamical systems and gives them contact with people of similar interests but often different backgrounds.

Celebrate Research, c'mon

There's a celebration going on in MLT3 on June 8. Prof Marston Conder will give the opening address to the Student Research Conference 2009, then 14 research students will deliver 25 minute talks on their latest research projects.

Just like the 80's Kool and the Gang hit says; this is your celebration - so bring your good times; we gonna celebrate research with you.

And with three thousand dollars up for grabs the annual event not only presents the opportunity to share research findings with other students but three students will be one thousand dollars each better off. Prize-money is always an added incentive but the real payoff will be in the valuable feedback received from peers and faculty members.

The Conference is open to students at all academic levels in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education and related disciplines.

Autumn Graduands

  • The Department of Mathematics congratulates all their graduands and wishes them every success in the future. We especially acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our Prize winners.

New course: Mathematics of Money (MATHS 269)

Invest in your future with this undergraduate course that deals with the realities of personal savings and investing. Real-life examples and exercises provide a balanced mix of mathematical rigour and economic intuition. Learn about elements of saving and investing that you will use time and time again throughout your life.

Students who passed MATHS 150 or MATHS 208 or MATHS 250 or an equivalent course are welcome to enroll. If you encounter any difficulties with your MATHS 269 enrolment, please contact the Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor

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PhD News

  • 30 March 2009 Niels Bernhardt has successfully completed his oral PhD examination. He is now postdoctoral researcher in the programme Particles, Strings and the Early Universe: the Structure of Matter and Space-Time at Hamburg University.
  • 24 February 2009 Greg Oates has successfully defended his PhD thesis.
  • 18 February 2009 Elan Gin has successfully completed her PhD oral examination. She has been offered a postdoctoral position in Germany, with the Technical University of Dresden.

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