Autumn 2009 Graduation

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Photo:Left to right Marina McFarland, James Sneyd, Judy Paterson, Anne Blundell (Autumn 2008).


The Department of Mathematics congratulates all their graduands and wishes them every success in the future. We especially acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our Prize winners.

2009 Graduands

Doctor of Philosophy

Alison mathematically modelled the propagation of ocean waves through an ice-infested sea. From this model, information about ice breaking can be extracted; this can then be used in climate models.
Elan used a range of mathematical and statistical techniques to study how saliva is produced, with the goal of understanding how it might go wrong, and how it might be fixed when it does.

Master of Science

  • Dinushi Jayasuriya (Pure Mathematics)
  • Lina Khalaf (Mathematics Education)

Master of Arts

  • Han-Chieh Wu (Mathematics Education)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Applied Mathematics
  • Katie-Elizabeth Sharp
  • Dinushi Jayasuriya

Postgraduate Diploma in Science

  • Tuan-Yow Chien
  • Anna Moiseevna Dumnov (Mathematics Education)
  • Hugh Thomas Gribben
  • Jason James Florence (Mathematics Education)

Graduate Diploma in Science

  • Qiusong Liu

Bachelor of Science

Applied Mathematics
  • David Matthew Cusack
  • Michael James Alexander Smith
  • Bevan Leslie Cheeseman
  • Ga Ram Lee
  • Emma Hui Ying Tan
  • Nianqi Tang
  • Haisheng Yin
  • Kwang Ryu Kim
  • Itamar Amith
  • Fei Pan
  • Vadim Shamailov
  • Jiajun He
  • Ho Leung Cheung
  • Qianhua Chen
  • Kyoung Jin Ko
  • Clare Rosie O'Connell
  • Amandeep Singh Chahal
  • Lopiseni Leha

Logic and Computation


  • David James McCarthy
  • Nicola Susan Phillips
  • David Aloysius MacDonald
  • Jessica Phung Chuyen Chin
  • Gi Ok Guim
  • Fang Wang
  • Taufa Kauhalaniua
  • Wei Wang
  • Chen Dong
  • Gyang Hun Kim
  • Nu Ri Lee
  • Tung Sheng Kuo
  • Joseph Richard Nelson
  • Itamar Amith
  • Kim Shirley Frew
  • Nga Lok Alla Tang
  • Samira Shamailov
  • Monique Adre Otte
  • Joon Hyouk Yang
  • Siti Sarah Binti Othman
  • Karl Robert Morris
  • Lopiseni Leha

Bachelor of Arts


  • Maaike Loy Kopittke
  • Sonali Nidamarty
  • Ava Hiu Yan Hau
  • Matthew James Randall

Logic and Computation

  • Yong He Huang
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