Summer scholarships 2009-2010

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The following students have been awarded a summer scholarship, to undertake a supervised research project over the 2009-2010 summer break.

1. Hoi Yan (Rosanna) Chan

Project: The nerves project - Supervisor: James Sneyd;

2. Ilya Chevyrev

Project: Enumeration of games and comparative probability orders - Supervisor: Arkadii Slinko;

3. Jennifer Huang

Project: Affine representation of abstract convex geometries - Supervisor: Arkadii Slinko;

4. Chun Yan (Anna) Li

Project: Mathematical model of calcium dynamics - - Supervisor: Vivien Kirk;

5. James Nelson

Project: Algebraic geometry and cryptography - Supervisor: Steven Galbraith;

6. John Ong

Project: Number theory and cryptography - Supervisor: Steven Galbraith;

7. Michael Smith

Project: Water waves, resonance and wave power - Supervisor:Mike Meylan;

8. Martin Rennie

Project: Neurosecretory cells in the Hypothalamus - Supervisor: James Sneyd;

9. Zijiang Song

Project: Numerical analysis - - Supervisor: John Butcher;

10. Yi Zeng

Project: Programming in Scheme - Supervisor: Wiremu Solomon;

11. Pingyu Nan

Project: Nonlinear differential equations- Supervisor: Claire Postlethwaite;

12. Michael Lockyer

Project: Analysis - Supervisor: Tom ter Elst;

13. Hyounwoo Yoo

Project: Seven Saturnian Satellites - Supervisor: Philip Sharp;

14. Sinisia Dukic

Project: Developing computational tools for financial mathematics - Supervisor: Robert Chan;

15. Helen Broome

Project: Frames and polytopes - Supervisor: Shayne Waldron;

16. Jung Min Han

Project: Seven Saturnian satellites - Supervisor: Philip Sharp;

17. Sean Neil Curry

Project: Wave flow around a sphere- Supervisor: Mike Meylan;

18. XingJiang (Jason) Chen

Project: Non-linear differential equations- Supervisor: Vivien Kirk;

19. Kimberley Eccles

Project: Motivational MATHS 208 material- Supervisor: Bill Barton;

20. Jonathan Conder

Project: Matroids and ideal secret sharing schemes - Supervisor: Arkadii Slinko;

21. Jesse Hart

Project: Differentiability is continuity if you look at it the right way - Supervisor: David Gauld;

22. Emily Chai

Project: Additive properties of units modulo n- Supervisor: Marston Conder;

23. Jessie Lin

Project: Option pricing - Supervisor: Wiremu Solomon;

24. Matthew Gibson

Project: Patterns in the census of regular maps on surfaces - Supervisor: Marston Conder;

25. Tuan-Yow Chien

Project: Tight frames generated by finite groups - Supervisor: Shayne Waldron;

26. Matthew Randall

Project: Prolongations of PDE and projective geometry - Supervisor: Rod Gover;

27. Tessa Miskell

Project: Investigating graphical understanding of antiderivative - Supervsior: Mike Thomas;

28. Martin Vlaskovsky

Project: Investigating graphical understanding of antiderivative - Supervisor: Mike Thomas;

29. Gary McAlpine

Project: Investigating graphical understanding of antiderivative - Supervisor: Mike Thomas;
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