Student Research Conference 2009

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Student Research Conference 2009

Monday June 8 2009

MLT3, Building 303, 38 Princes Str


9:00. Opening address of the Conference chair - Professor Marston Conder

9:05. Heather Macbeth. Conformal and projective geometries of Einstein manifolds (Supervisor: Rod Gover)
9:30. Jan Hofmann. Automorphism groups of free groups: properties, presentations and image-restrictions (Supervisors: Eamonn O'Brien and Marston Conder)
9:55. Inga Wang. Modelling contraction and calcium dynamics in airway smooth muscle in the lung (Supervisor: James Sneyd)
10:20. Matthew Randall. Aspects of projective differential geometry (Supervisor Rod Gover)

10:45. Morning tea

11:15. Tuan Chien. The spectral theorem for bounded, unbounded Hermitian and normal operators (Supervisor: Tom ter Elst)
11:40. Noor Aishikin Adam. An ethnomathematical study of triaxial weave in Malay food cover weaving (Supervisor: Bill Barton)
12:05. 'Tatyana Gvozdeva. Roughly weighted games (Supervisor: Arkadii Slinko)

12:30. Lunch

1:30. Shafiq Rehman Close approaches while performing accurate N-Body simulations (Supervisor Philip Sharp)
1:55. Annie Gorgey. Extrapolations of Runge-Kutta methods (Supervisor: Robert Chan}
2:20. Damien Burns. Constructive recognition of classical groups (Supervisors: Eamonn O'Brien)
2:45. Emily Harvey. Multiple timescales in models of intracellular calcium dynamics {Supervisors: Vivien Kirk & James Sneyd}

3:10. Afternoon tea

3:40. Howard Cohl. Closed form Sslutions for the fundamental solution of Laplace’s equation in the hyperboloid model of hyperbolic geometry (Supervisors: Tom ter Elst, Rod Gover)
4:05. Ilya Chevyrev. Maximum size of automorphism groups on compact Riemann surfaces of small genus (Supervisor: Marston Conder)
4:30. Mike Smith. Vibration of elastic plates on a free surface (Supervisor: Dr Mike Meylan)

Key Dates

Submission of Abstracts: 11 May 2009

Notification of Authors: 22 May 2009

Conference: 8 June 2009

Program Committee

  • Arkadii Slinko – algebra, discrete mathematics, chair
  • Warren Moors – mathematical analysis, topology
  • Mike Meylan – applied mathematics
  • Bill Barton – mathematics education

Submission of abstracts

One page long abstract in a PDF file should be submitted as an attachment together with the information sheet about the author and their supervisor. Send them to [Arkadii] and a copy to the program committee member responsible for your field.

Past conference

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