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To all Maths Student Reps,

Thank you all for being available to do this important task.

First Meeting Date: Tuesday August 11, 1pm, in room 279. (This room is on level 2 in the computer science building.)

Second Meeting Date: Tuesday September 22, 1pm, in room 279.

I look forward to seeing you all there. If you find this time clashes with your timetable then please try to arrange a deputy to take your place. The agenda for this meeting is below.


  • Welcome
  • Election of student chairperson
  • Apologies
  • Election of undergrad student rep for the science faculty sscc (18 August 1pm)
  • Election of grad student rep for the science faculty grad sscc (date to be arranged)
  • Feedback on AUSA rep training
  • Address by Maths HOD
  • Student rep feedback on general items concerning everyone
  • Student rep feedback on individual classes (in particular suggestions on improvements)
  • Vote of thanks by chair re food
  • Chair to declare meeting closed

Student Rep Training If you wish to attend student rep training (by AUSA) the times are:

  • Mon 10 August 10am
  • Tue 11 Aug 11am
  • Wed 12 Aug 12 noon
  • Thur 13 Aug 2pm

The venue for all training sessions is - Musgrove Theatre beside the quad.

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