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2007 Student news

October 2007 Daniel Watzenig visited the Math Department for several months in 2005, working on his PhD from the Technical University of Graz, Austria, under Colin Fox's supervision (as well as attending JCB's course, etc). The work he did in Auckland formed the brunt of his thesis that was presented and passed in 2006. In September 2007 Daniel was awarded the Measurement Award of 2007 (among students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), based on his PhD thesis and a publication from the thesis. There are some nice pictures of the ceremony in upper Germany at http://emt.upb.de/ahmt2007/ahmt-bildergalerie/tagung_2007_09_21/index.htm

14 November 2007 Postgraduate seminar Semester 2 2007, by Honours and PGDipSci students who have worked on project papers or dissertations this semester.

9 November 2007 The Assistance Room, B25, was open during the exam period as follows: Tuesday, 30 October to Friday, 9 November - 11am to 2 pm.

Semester 2 lecturers office hours are now online. Please email for an appointment at other times.

25 September 2007 Congratulations to all Spring 2007 Mathematics Graduands!!

28 September 2007 Summer Scholarships 2008

August 2007 Congratulations to Heather Macbeth (Deputy team leader) and to the whole New Zealand team participating to the International Mathematics Olympiad, for winning 3 bronze medals.

5 June 2007 Student Research Conference

4 May 2007 AUTUMN GRADUATION, 7 May 2007 The Department of Mathematics congratulates all their graduates and wishes them every success in the future. We would especially like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our postgraduate students and Prize winners and invite all our graduands to celebrate their success along with their lecturers, at the Graduation Breakfast.

April 2007 Congratulations to Matthew Auger on winning a "Top Achiever" Doctoral Scholarship from the Tertiary Education Commission, for his PhD on "Methods for proving certain groups are infinite".

March 2007' Dominic Searles, Mathematics BSc Hons Student, won the University of Auckland Honours Scholarship for 2007. Congratulations!

February 2007 Alison Kohout, PhD student (supervised by Mike Meylan), has won a grant from the University’s Graduate Research Fund.

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