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2010 Student Research Conference

Tuesday June 8 2010

SLT1 Building 303, 38 Princes Str


9:00. Opening address of the Conference chair - Professor David Gauld
9:10. Annie Gorgey - Extrapolation of symmetrized Runge Kutta methods
9:40. Helen Broome - Tight frames produced by group orbits
10:20. Zilong (Sam) Zhu - Embedding genus distribution of graphs

10:50 Morning tea

11:20 Laurence Palk - Calcium waves, potassium channels and their role in a mathematical model of saliva secretion
11:50 Hugh Gribben - Forbidden minors and graph vistas

12:20 Lunch

13:30 Keith Ruddell - Finding Poincare constants for non-convex domains in R^n
14:00 Sunanda DixitA study of smooth manifold L^2_+
14:30 Ali Hameed - On the decomposition of ternary matroids

15:00 Afternoon tea

15:30 Matt Gibson - Regular maps and triangle groups
16:00 Tatyana Gvozdeva - Two Hierarchies of Simple Games
16:30 Yousaf HabibOn the order of G-symplectic general linear methods

Key Dates

Submission of abstracts: 10 May 2010

Notification of authors: 17 May 2010

Conference: 8 June 2010

Program committee

Submission of abstracts

One page long abstract in a PDF file should be submitted as an attachment together with information about the author and their supervisor. Please send these to Arkadii with a copy to the program committee member responsible for your field.

Past conferences Student Research Conference 2009 * Student Research Conference 2007

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