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Graduate Supervision:

My current PhD students are Roberto Panai, Sam Porath and Yuri Vyatkin. They are undertaking research in differential geometry.

Projects offered

Bachelor of Science(Honours) and Bachelor of Arts(Honours) dissertations

  • The geometry of surfaces, including special surfaces: e.g. minimal, Willmore
  • Connections and their applications to PDE theory
  • Lie representation theory and applications to invariant operators

Master theses

  • Riemannian geometry, special submanifolds, minimal, Wilmore and their generalisations
  • Conformal Geometry, invariants, invariant operators and applications
  • Projective differential geometry, invariant operators and applications

PhD theses

  • The Geometry of partial differential equations
  • The Geometry associated with PDE solutions
  • Applications of conformal and projective geometry in general relativity
  • CR Geometry, invariant operators and applications
  • Geometric aspects of higher dimensional complex analysis
  • Submanifolds in parabolic geometries, invariants invariant operators and applications
  • Geometric compactifications and the linking of submanifold to ambient manifold structure
  • Poincare-Einstein and related structures|| ||
  • Conformal and projective ideas in almost complex and Kaehler geometry
Past students


  • Howard Cohl, PhD


  • Heather Macbeth Honours Dissertation (Class I)
  • Matthew Randall MSc (by thesis, Class 1)
  • Niels Bernhardt PhD 2009 (co-supervised with P.-A. Nagy)


  • Callum Sleigh MSc (by thesis, Class I)



  • Kok Theng Chan MSc (by thesis, Class II,1).



  • Sanya Timarac MSc (by thesis), Class II,1 2001.
Visiting and Summer students
  • 2007 Summer student Matthew Randall
  • 2006 Summer student Callum Sleigh.
  • In 2002 I hosted and assisted in the research supervision of two PhD students from the University of Iowa: Doojin Hong and William Ugalde.
  • In 2001 I hosted a Summer Scholar from Denmark (Helge Joergensen).
  • Since 2001 I have supervised three other University of Auckland Summer Scholars (Richard Vale, Malcolm Walsh, and Geon Oh).
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