Fourteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, ANTS-XIV,
University of Auckland, New Zealand
June 29 - July 4, 2020


The ANTS meetings, held biannually since 1994, are the premier international forum for the presentation of new research in computational number theory and its applications. They are devoted to algorithmic aspects of number theory, including elementary number theory, algebraic number theory, analytic number theory, geometry of numbers, algebraic geometry, finite fields, and cryptography.

The 14th ANTS meeting was intended to be held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, on June 30 - July 4, 2020. But of course, due to COVID-19 the conference has been turned into an online conference. As a result of very generous sponsorship from The National Science Foundation (NSF), The Number Theory Foundation (NTF), and the University of Auckland, the conference registration is free.

The meeting will be followed by an online workshop on the Mathematics of Post-Quantum crypto at the following times (approximately):

This workshop will only be open to registered participants at ANTS.


Invited Speakers

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Organising committee:

The local organiser is Steven Galbraith.

Program committee:

Selfridge Prize

At each ANTS meeting, the Selfridge Prize is awarded to the best submitted paper as judged by the program committee. The prize is funded by the Number Theory Foundation.


University of Auckland, National Science Foundation, Number Theory Foundation


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