Steven in 2015
Steven Galbraith

Head of Department
Mathematics Department
Cyber Security Foundry
University of Auckland,
Private Bag 92019,
Auckland 1142,
New Zealand.

Email: S.Galbraith -at-

Phone: +64 9 923 8778
Ext: 88778
Fax: What??? In 202x!!

Steven Galbraith in 2017

My research area is computational number theory, public key cryptography and computational algebraic geometry. In particular, my research focus is elliptic curves over finite fields, and post-quantum public key cryptography.

I frequently have research projects suitable for excellent undergraduates (e.g., BSc(Hons) students) as well as Masters and PhD students. Please email me if you wish to learn more about potential research projects.

Recent/Upcoming events I attended/hope to attend:

Book on Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography

I have written an advanced graduate textbook in mathematics. Visit the webpage for the book.

Recent/Current editorial boards/Programme committees:

Post-quantum cryptography

I am part of an MBIE-funded project for New Zealand and Australia collaboration in post-quantum cryptography.

The quantum threat to cybersecurity: Looking through the prism of post-quantum cryptography, 2021.

Report on cybersecurity risks and opportunities
The purpose of this report is to provide government and industry with a better understanding of cybersecurity risks to various business sectors in Aotearoa New Zealand if large-scale quantum computers become available.
Report on cybersecurity risks and opportunities of quantum computing to industry in New Zealand and Australia, September, 2023

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The elliptic curve cryptography blog

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