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Introduction to Undergraduate Studies

Excerpt from the 2007 Mathematics Undergraduate Handbook

Most students coming to The University of Auckland study towards a degree. The most common is a Bachelor’s degree, such as a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts. A degree is also known as a programme.

Students intending to graduate with a BSc must pass exams for 360 points worth of coursework. Each course is usually worth 15 points so a BSc degree is usually made up of 24 courses.

It usually takes three years of full time study to complete a BSc. Each year at university, students should take 8 courses if they are doing a full time programme – 4 each semester. As progress is made through the degree, the courses become more specialised. To illustrate this, courses are divided into three levels of difficulty – Stage I, II and III. Sometimes, students need a preparation to STAGE I courses: several pre-degree programmes were designed for them.

Some Stage I and II courses need to be taken before some other Stage II and III courses. The former are called prerequisites. Some courses cannot be taken if other courses are taken. These are known as restrictions.

A student should take courses in at least three subjects as part of their degree. One of the subjects can be chosen as a major, or a number of courses in related subjects can be taken as a specialisation. A major or a specialisation is also known as a plan.

A student needs to take at least 4 courses (60 points) at Stage III for a major or a specialisation.

A BSc in mathematics can be in Mathematics or in Applied Mathematics. Mathematics courses are also included as part of other programmes such as the Bachelor of Technology and the Bachelor of Commerce. Mathematics can also be taken as a major for the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

A good starting point for essential information about enrolment and degrees is the [www.science.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/ Faculty of Science Prospective students webpage].

Majoring or Minoring in Mathematics

Introduction to Undergraduate courses

2011 Mathematics Undergraduate Handbook (3M, .pdf) The core of the Information relevant to the Undergraduate level students may be found in the Undergraduate Handbook. However, you will find useful to contact your Mathematics (Jamie Sneddon - n/a Rm n/a, Ext n/a, homepage or ugadvice@math.auckland.ac.nz

Office hours: by appointment.) for details about chosing a major or a minor in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Bioinformatioon or Logic and Computation.


Please feel free to contact the appropriate Department of Mathematics Advisors

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