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The Department of Mathematics has a variety of entry-level undegraduate courses, depending upon students' background and future plans. These courses can be roughly classified in


Pre-degree programmes

Pre-degree courses include foundation courses and support courses.

Advanced course for college students

MAX Accelerated Mathematics is a course designed for highschool students who have shown themselves to be able mathematicians, who wish to be challenged in maths and who can handle a solid workload. It is essentially a chance to gain University credits in a degree programme while still at Secondary School.

Stage 1 courses

The Mathematics Department has a variety of entry levels for courses in mathematics, depending upon a student’s mathematical background.

These courses are known as Stage 1 courses and the entry is largely determined by NCEA results.

Selecting Stage 1 Mathematics courses

Full list of Stage 1 Mathematics papers

Preparatory courses

MATHS 101 - Mathematics in Society and MATHS 102 - Functioning in Mathematics

These courses can be taken simultaneously with MATHS 190G - Great Ideas Shaping Our World

Entry-level courses

For advice on choosing your appropriate entry-level, please see the page selecting Stage 1 Mathematics courses .

It can be taken simultaneously with:

It can be taken simultaneously with:

  • MATHS 162 -Modelling and Computation is the Applied Mathematics Stage 1 course, for students planning to major in (Applied) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,, Bioengineering, Finance, Commerce, etc.
It has to be taken simultaneously with or after:

General education courses

General education information

The following courses can be used to fulfill the General Education requirements and can also be taken as a regular part of a BSc, BA or other degree as required.

A course designed to build confidence in Mathematics while demonstrating the role it plays in understanding and guiding human activity.
This course explores the development and uses of some of the big advances in mathematical thinking. No formal background is required, just a curiosity about topics such as infinity, knots, fractals and paradoxes.

Stage 2 courses

Introduction to Stage 2

Stage 2 Courses

Stage 3 courses

Introduction to Stage 3

Stage 3 Courses

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