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The Faculties of Science and Arts, and the School of Bussiness and Commerce, all offer a range of degrees comprising a strong Mathematical dimension. The Department of Mathematics is responsible for coordinating the mathematics component of these degrees.

At undergraduate level, there are three distinct degrees with a strong mathematics component: the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Commerce conjoint with Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Art. Besides that, undergraduate Mathematics is taught as part of the University of Auckland Tertiary Foundation Certificate and as part of the new University of Auckland Certificate of Science.

A major in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics may be part of the programmes (or specialisations) that are detailed in the table below:


A full list of the courses required to graduate with one of these options is available at:

Mathematics is also taken as a major by students who plan to graduate with a conjoint degree. Artypical example is the Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science, but many other options are available. In the case of a BCom/BSc with a Mathematics major, the other component of their degree is in Finance or Economics.

Moreover, Mathematics may be taken as a minor in various degrees. Students who take a minor in Mathematics study towards specialisations as Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Politial Sciences, Earth Sciences, Finances, Biological, Health and Medical Sciences and many others.

Students who enjoyed Mathematics in high-school, but chose a pathway that does not involve Mathematics, for instance Modern Languages or Life Sciences, may enroll in two General Education courses: MATHS 101 - Mathematics in Society and MATHS 190 - Great Ideas shaping our world. However, these students will probably be happy to learn that Mathematics may enhance there comprehension and sharpen their understanding of fields as various as the Plastic Arts, Music or Psychology.

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