Geometry and Trigonometry

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Geometry and Trigonometry

in Years 11, 12 and 13

Short course of the

Community for Mathematics Content in Teaching

Term 4 2008

Department of Mathematics, 38 Princes Street, Auckland CBD


Dr Judy Paterson


All interested teachers of Mathematics - or people who are interested in teaching and learning mathematics.


Do you want to enhance your confidence in delivering the curriculum or to extend your teaching range?

We will focus on developing

  • a sound understanding of the basic principles - not on doing “tricky” excellence questions.
  • key ideas, and areas students often have problems understanding.
  • language needed to explain and elaborate key ideas
  • connections between ideas and concepts
  • a fundamental understanding of trig functions and their relationships.

We will cover aspects of Achievement Standards 1.4 and 1.8, 2.4 and 2.9, 3.3 and 3.5.

Dates and Time

Dates: Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th November Time: 10:30 – 3:15 with breaks for lunch and tea.

Hopefully your seniors will have left by then and you will have some time and energy to think about your own learning!


Seminar Room 222, 38 Princes Street, 2nd floor (Science Centre - Building 303).


Contact Judy to enrol for the workshop or to be put on the direct mailing list or call 3737599 ext 88605.

Follow this link for more details on these courses.

Announce this event on the main Mathematics webpage
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