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Community for Mathematics Content in Teaching

Term Three 2009

Course cancelled: to be offered in 2010
An Astronomical Exploration

Presenter Dr Philip Sharp.

Date: on Wednesdays*evenings in August 5th, 12th , 19th and 26th 6:15 to 8:15 pm (with a short break for a pizza snack)

Venue: City campus of Auckland Uni - usually in Room 222 in building 303 (38 Princes Street). Parking available at the Owen Glen Building for $5.

Abstract. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy (
Philip Sharp wanted to be an astronomer and now studies it through his mathematics. He is currently part of a team of scientists at NASA working on mathematical models of the icy rings of Saturn. Over the four evenings he will show us how we can use mathematics to explore and explain some explore some of the ways bodies in space behave and how we can model this behaviour. Philip can be seen on the MathsReach website discussing the possibility of earth being struck by a meteor. (

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What is CMCT

An outreach initiative to teachers, launched under the umbrella of the Department of Mathematics. Since the first term in 2008, the CMCT has been providing two types of short courses for teachers.


The first type - as advertised at the AMA days and the Mathematics and Statistics Days in 2007 - aim to enthuse and energise teachers by offering them opportunities to attend four-week thematically linked workshops at which mathematicians and statisticians from Auckland University will share aspects of their areas of interest. Feedback from teachers has all been very positive.

These workshops will stimulate teachers and extend and develop their mathematical and statistical knowledge. Each series will consist of four two-hour workshops which will run on the same evening each week from 6:15 till 8:15 pm.

Further courses in 2009

  • Term Four In the holiday break between Term Three and Term 4. On Thursday 8th and Friday 9 th October - last two days of holidays. 10:30 to 3:30 with breaks for tea and lunch. Light meals provided.

Discrete Mathematics - an introduction to graph theory and combinatorics.

Presenter Dr Jamie Sneddon.

Discrete Mathematics has applications to sport, communcation and other areas.We will examine how to decide whether Super 14 teams really deserve their positions in the competition, and how effective communication networks are built. We'll also look at how graph theory developed from a mathematical puzzle solved in 1736* to the world's first theorem proved by computers**. (* The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg) (** The Four Colour Theorem)


Further details may be obtained from the director Dr. Judy Paterson, Rm 322, Ext 88605 or


The cost per course is $250 (including GST) per person.

Previous courses and workshops


Term One

Term Two
  • A Follow-up to the Great Origami Maths and Science Show. Presenters Jonathan Baxter and Judy Paterson, on Saturday 2nd and 23rd of May
Jonathan, an internationally recognised origami master will showed us how to turn sheets of paper into amazing shapes and forms. This course extended the ways in which we can make maths more visible, do-able and touchable. Students saw the Mathematical ideas fold and unfold before their eyes!!!
We worked on key concepts including fractions and proportions, modelling and the beginnings of algebra, estimating, and iterating, measuring and estimation and creating conic sections.


Term One
Term Two
Term Three
  • Infinity and Proof. Presented by Dr Vivien Kirk, Mathematics Department, 38 Princes Street.
Term Four

Enrolment for all courses now open. Please email

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