An Assortment of Probabilistic Questions

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5th Workshop of the the

Community for Mathematics Content in Teaching

Term 1 2009

Department of Mathematics, 38 Princes Street, Auckland CBD



How do you fake data successfully? Are there patterns in randomness?

What does Benford's law tell us? How could I use Markov chains to tell whether a student faked tossing a coin 200 times? What is the Hyper-geometric distribution - and how will it help me as a teacher?

Rachel will show that these patterns are sometimes counterintuitive and can trip up fakers and innocents alike. We will look at Benford's Law as it applies to faking - amongst other things- tax returns. In addition we will see how useful the Hypergeometric distribution can be in disentangling some of those tiresome probability questions that we, and the students, sometimes struggle to sort out.


The course runs for the four Monday evenings on 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd March

We meet 6:15 to 8:15 pm (with a short break for a pizza snack) . The venue is Room 222 in the Science Centre building 303 near the corner of Princes and Wellesley Streets.


Seminar Room 222, 38 Princes Street, 2nd floor (Science Centre - Building 303).


Parking is available at $5 per night at the Owen Glenn building in Grafton Rd very near the intersection with Symonds St (about a 5 minute walk from the Science Centre where the workshops are run)

Invited speaker(s)

Dr Rachel Fewster (Statistics)


All interested teachers of Mathematics - or people who are interested in teaching and learning mathematics.


Contact Dr Judy Paterson to enrol for the workshop or to be put on the direct mailing list or call 3737599 ext 88605.

Follow this link for more details on the CMCT workshops


Judy Paterson

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