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March 2000 Poster in the London Underground

March Poster

Did you know that the year 2000 has been declared World Mathematics Year? To celebrate this, a different poster will be displayed every month in trains of the London Underground. This initiative is organised by the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences with support from EPSRC. The aim is to show the wider public how fascinating and important modern mathematics is for science and even for your daily life!

The March Poster ``Maths predicts'' shown here was suggested by Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke Osinga. It illustrates the difficulty of making predictions of the weather by showing chaos in the famous Lorenz system. More concretely, the blue surface is called a stable manifold and it can be seen spiralling into a yellow chaotic attractor. The poster also highlights the importance of advanced numerical and visualisation tools to understand the exact nature of chaotic systems. The blue surface was computed with a new algorithm by Krauskopf and Osinga. More information and animations of how the blue surface is ``grown'' can be found at the Two-dimensional Global Manifold Site.

More information about this March poster can be accessed by clicking on the image above. If you click on the image on the left, you get to the Newton Institute's Posters in the London Underground Site showing all posters that appeared so far.

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