Marston Conder

Research interests

My main areas of interest are group theory and graph theory (sections 20 and 05 in Math Reviews). I am especially interested in the methods and applications of combinatorial group theory, including computational techniques for handling finitely-presented groups and their images.


Click where underlined for a list of my refereed academic publications and some preprints of recent papers (available as postscript files).

Lists of regular maps, hypermaps and polytopes, trivalent symmetric graphs, and surface actions

Click where underlined to see and download recently-found lists of

    Regular/chiral maps and hypermaps

    Group actions on surfaces

    Symmetric graphs

    Semi-symmetric graphs

    Regular/chiral polytopes

These things were obtained (from August 2006 onwards) with the help of the new "LowIndexNormalSubgroups" routine in MAGMA.

Other information and useful contacts

  1. The New Zealand Mathematical Society
  2. The New Zealand Journal of Mathematics
  3. The Group Pub Forum
  4. The World Combinatorics Exchange
  5. The Graph Theory White Pages
  6. Gordon Royle's Combinatorial catalogues
  7. The Mathematics Genealogy Project website.


Prof. M.D.E. Conder
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019, Auckland