Department of Mathematics

Current PhD Students

Name Research area Supervisor Email
Iman Ardekani Approximation Errors in Structural Wave Propagation Jari Kaipio
Martin Bachraty Marston Conder
Peter Bratby Neural Network Models of the Cerebellum James Sneyd
Pascal Cheon
Sean Curry Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics (Overdetermined natural PDE, parabolic geometry, and applications) Rod Gover and Tom ter Elst
Giovanni De Franceschi Conjugacy classes in classical groups Eamonn O'Brien and Jianbei An
Owen Dillon Linear Algebraic Considerations in Bayesian Approximation Error Approach Jari Kaipio
Nur Dinon Philip Sharp
Tan Duc Do PDEs, Measure and approximation theory, Number theory Tom ter Elst and Shayne Waldron
Bartek Ewertowski differential geometry, cartan geometry, parabolic geometry, category theory A. Rod Gover
Saeed Farjami Dynamical systems with focus on transient bursting in multi-scale neural networks Hinke Osinga and Vivien Kirk
Keegan Flood Cartan Geometry, Manifold Decompositions, and Geometric PDE Rod Gover
Hwan Goh Modelling Uncertainties in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography Jari Kaipio
Rui Gong The global and nonlinear stability theory for vortex-dominated flows. Shixiao Wang and Steve Taylor
Gareth Gordon The Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator with partial data Tom ter Elst
Anton Gulley Imaging the Alpine Fault through Fault Zone Guided Waves Jari Kaipio and Jennifer Eccles
Susana Guzman Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Uncertainties in Mineral Exploration Jari Kaipio
Sylvia Han Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Biology James Sneyd and Vivien Kirk
James Hannam Manifolds and Isochrones Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf
Jesse Hart Pluripotential Theory In C^n Sione Ma'u and Shayne Waldron
Cris Hasan Slow-fast dynamics in higher-dimensional systems Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf
Austin Ibarra Mathematical Dynamics of Asthmatic Clustered Ventilation Defects Graham Donovan
Jinesh Joseph
Jo Knox
Joel Laity Expander graphs and their applications to cryptography. Steven Galbraith
Ben Lawrence Igor Klep
Stephen Lo The symmetric genus of metabelian groups Marston Conder
John Moala Mathematics Education Caroline Yoon
Jeremie Moerenhout Highly Symmetric Polytopes Dimitri Leemans and Marston Conder
Jose Mujica Torres Invariant and slow manifolds in multiple-time-scale systems. Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke Osinga
Elle Musoke
Ruanui Nicholson PDE and lnverse Problems, with large flavours of homogenization, multiscale analysis/methods thrown in Steve Taylor and Jari Kaipio
Nathan Pages James Sneyd
Roberto Panai The conformal geometry of submanifolds and natural PDE Rod Gover and Tom ter Elst
Sam Porath Conformal Geometry and its Application to General Relativity and Fundamental Physics Rod Gover and Warren Moors
Agnita Pramasdyahsari Caroline Yoon
Tertius Ralph Excluded Volume Effects of Diffusing Particle Systems Steve Taylor
Anand Rampadarath Airway Lung Dynamics Graham Donovan
Barak Shani Mathematics of public-key cryptography Steven Galbraith and Ben Martin
Dhanya Surith Components of mathematical Knowledge at the tertiary levels Bill Barton and Judy Paterson
Yan Bo Ti Algebraic geometry and applications in cryptography Steven Galbraith
Rebecca Turner Mathematical models of animal navigation Claire Postlethwaite and Michael Walker
Tomohiro Uchiyama Linear algebraic groups, geometric invariant theory, and spherical buildings. Ben Martin and Dimitri Leemans
Attique Ur-Rehman Computational Astronomy Philip Sharp and Robert Chan
Elias Vera Siguenza James Sneyd
Jurij Volcic Igor Klep
David Waters Modelling Complex Networks in T-Cell Signalling James Sneyd
Iresha Wattegmaralalage Teaching Algebra with Digital Technology: Factors Influencing Mathematics Teachersí Task Development and Implementation Mike Thomas
Shaun White Social choice and social networks Arkadii Slinko
Chris Wong Elliptic operators with boundary conditions Tom ter Elst
Susan Yang Dynamics of Mathematical Models with Three Timescales Vivien Kirk
Pun Wong Yau The global and nonlinear stability theory for vortex-dominated flows Shixiao Wang and Stephen Taylor
Simon Youl Structural Equivalence of Generalised Inverse Sequences Sina Greenwood and David Gauld
Weimin Yuan
Wei-Juan Zhang Extensions of chiral polytopes Marston Conder and Dimitri Leemans
Di Zhu A Model of Saliva Secretion James Sneyd


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