NZ Mathematics Research Institute 2005

Summer Workshop


8 - 15 January 2005


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The focus of the 2005 NZMRI Summer Workshop is Geometry: Interactions with Algebra and Analysis.

The meeting is one of the key events of the Thematic Program funded by the
New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA).

Lecture series

It will feature outstanding researchers, each giving a series of  lectures intended for
a general mathematical audience surveying areas of modern mathematics.

The principal speakers are:
Gehring Festival

On Thursday, January 13, five leading international researchers will help
us celebrate Fred Gehring's 80th year, by delivering lectures suitable
for a general audience on aspects of modern analysis and geometry. 
The provisional list of speakers is:
The day will conclude with a conference dinner at a local winery.

Other lectures 

There will be post-dinner lectures on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday given by the following:
The visit by John Conway is funded by the University of Auckland Foundation

Conference venue 

The conference venue is the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre.

Timetable and format

Arrival: by the evening of Saturday 8 January, 2005.
Departure: the afternoon of Saturday 15 January.

Talks will start on the morning of Sunday 9 January,
and finish by lunchtime Saturday 15 January.

The Gehring Festival will take place on Thursday, January 13.

Wednesday January 12 and the remaining afternoons are free.

Here is a
provisional timetable for the meeting.


Accommodation is booked at the following locations:
Te Pania Hotel
Archies Bunker

Please follow the links to obtain the relevant address and other contact information.

If you registered for the meeting, you should have by now received email advising
you of your accommodation.
If you have not received this information or it is inaccurate, please advise us urgently.

Other activities

On Wednesday, January 12, David Gauld will lead an organised excursion to climb Kaweka.
Here's David's description of the trip. You may register to take part at the meeting.

Contributions towards costs

Accommodation costs are covered for New Zealand based participants in the workshop.

However, the budget for the meeting is  limited. Hence if a New Zealand based participant is accompanied
by a non-participating partner (or by family), then we will ask you to cover all related expenses.
Catering will cost about $160 per person for the week.

We also ask that  participants who have research grants make additional contributions towards costs.
We can provide GST receipts or invoices for this purpose.
Alternatively, participants may wish to make tax-deductible donations to the
in support of its mission of enhancing mathematical research in New Zealand and to enable
it to continue running these sorts of meetings in the future.

Support for NZ-based students

Accommodation and meals are normally provided free to all NZ-based student participants.
We urge you to seek travel support from your home institution.

Australian graduate students

Graduate students based in Australia who are student members of the
Australian Mathematical Society
are eligible to receive a subsidy of up to
AUD$300 each which will cover all of your local accommodation and catering costs.
This support is generously provided by the Australian Mathematical Society,
with the total grant in any one year not exceeding AUD$2,100.
We encourage you to seek travel support from your local institution.

Participants based outside of New Zealand

The NZMRI's funding for the workshop does not permit support
for  participants based outside of New Zealand.

Room costs are NZ$120 per night twin share + 12.5% GST = NZD$135 per night.
Catering will cost about NZ$160  per person for the week.

If you need additional information on related costs, please contact us.


Dinner will be provided for participants and their families from
Sunday through Friday (except on the free Wednesday). We will not
provide lunch but there are plenty of inexpensive cafes nearby.
Catering will cost about $160  per person for non participants and
those based outside of New Zealand.

Getting There and Away

There are flights connecting Napier directly to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
There are also extensive bus connections to Napier from all parts of the country.

Tourism and related activities

We recommend that you take the opportunity to explore the Napier Hawkes Bay area.


The meeting is one of the key events of the Thematic Program funded by the
New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA).

The visit by John Conway is funded by the University of Auckland Foundation

Australian students attending the meeting may also be eligible to receive
support from the Australian Mathematical Society.


Registration closed on September 5. Here is a list of participants.


The organisers are Gaven Martin  and   Eamonn O'Brien.

Additional information

This page will be updated regularly. To obtain further information, email Eamonn O'Brien

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