Which is the best error formula for linear interpolation on a triangle?

by Shayne Waldron


This is a collection of open problems closely related to the paper: the error in linear interpolation at the vertices of a simplex.

Keywords: Lagrange interpolation, linear interpolation on a triangle, sharp error bounds, finite elements, Courant's finite element, multipoint Taylor formula, Kowalewski's remainder, multivariate form of Hardy's inequality, optimal recovery of functions, envelope theorems

Math Review Classification: 41A10, 41A44, 41A80 (primary), 41A05, 65N30 (secondary)

Length: 8 pages

Comment: Written in TeX. A number of related papers of the author can be otained from this preprint server

Last updated: 31 March 1996

Status: Submitted in March 1996


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