David J. Smith

Picture of myself

Location: Science Centre, Bldg. 303
Room: 312
Phone: 64 09 373 7599 Extension 88778
Fax No: 64 09 373 7457
Email: smith@math.auckland.ac.nz

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Department at the University of Auckland. Born in Portland, Oregon, USA, I earned a BA from Portland State University and an MA and PhD from Washington State University in 1970. I migrated to New Zealand in 1970 and have been employed at the University of Auckland since then.

I retire from the University of Auckland on 30 June, 2005, but will return to part time service after one year. I intend to maintain communication links with the Mathematics Department, and my e-mail address and web page location will be unchanged.

My primary mathematical interest is the theory of commutative rings.

List of publications.

A non-mathematical interest of mine is antiquarian horology (the study of old clocks and watches). I was Honorary Horologist at the Auckland Museum from 1974 until 1998, and I was appointed an Honorary Research Associate at the Auckland Museum in 1999. I am a member of the NAWCC (#43702), and of its Horoloogical Science Chapter. I am a life member of the Auckland Museum and Institute. Particular interests within horology are collection and repair of antique marine chronometers, pre-1850 pocket watches, and electromechanical clocks. I also dabble in tower clocks

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