Maximal Subgroup Records

Record Format for Subgroup Information
Record Format to store information about Subgroups

Maximal Subgroup records for each group:
Using above Record Format

M11 M12 M22 M23 M24    
HS McL Co3 Co2 Co1*    
J2 Suz Fi22 Fi23* Fi24'**    
He HN* Th* B* M    
J1 O'N Ly J3 J4 Ru 2F4(2)'

Automorphism Groups

Note: Maxmials for Automorphism Groups have not been extensively checked,
and the only maximal listed is the Sporadic simple group

M11 M12:2 M22.2 M23 M24    
HS.2 McL:2 Co3 Co2 Co1
J2:2 Suz.2 Fi22:2 Fi23 Fi24':2    
He.2 HN.2 Th B M    
J1 O'N.2 Ly J3:2 J4 Ru 2F4(2)'.2

* Incomplete - some generators unknown
** Incomplete - no generators known