Sporadic Simple Groups and their Automorphism Groups

This page provides Magma language files for much of the material on Sporadic groups
available from the Atlas of Finite Group Representations

Presentation Code

Presentations on Standard Generators
Procedures to check if given elements are Standard Generators

Black Box Code

Find Element of Required Order
Procedure to locate element of specified order

Black Box Recognition Procedures
Procedures to locate Standard Generators

(Maximal) Subgroup Information

Straight-Line Program Interpreter
Converts ATLAS form of a SLP to MAGMA format

Maximal Subgroup Production
Code to produce a list of the maximal subgroups given a group (on its Standard Generators), its name, and its Maximal Subgroup data record

Maximal Subgroup Records
Stores generators for maximal subgroups


Sporadic Conglomerator
Will stick together chosen code from above sections, making copying and pasting much more fun