Research Group

Geometric Analysis

at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Auckland

Upcomming Seminars:

- Rod Gover: Non-local operators on conformally Einstein manifolds, 04.05. 09:30, room 401


see here for a full list of previous talks.

Current members:

    email extension room
Rod Gover A/Prof 88697 423
Tom ter Elst lecturer 86901 404
Paul-Andi Nagy research fellow 88781 290
Niels Bernhardt PhD student 88781 290
Stephen Budden PhD student 82994 427
Howard Cohl PhD student 85746 421
Geon Oh student    
Callum Sleigh student    


Recent publications:

- Niels Bernhardt and Paul-Andi Nagy: On algebraic torsion forms and their spin holonomy algebras, Journal of Lie Theory 17 (2007), No. 2, 357-377.


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