A conversation about the interaction between mathematics and music

Music and mathematics are both fueled by creativity and founded on hierarchical syntactic structures. In this lecture recital, we will illustrate how a geometric structure called a spectral orbifold captures cyclical musical rhythms and how it can be used to generate new exciting rhythms. A rich source of cyclical rhythms are dances and we will exhibit some of these in new musical compositions.

This event assumes no previous musical nor mathematical knowledge and is suitable for all levels. Participation is free of charge.

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  • Norwegian Dance
  • Waltz
  • German Dance
  • Pavane
  • Spanish Dance
  • Austrian Dance
  • Romanian Dance
  • Russian Fantasy
  • Argentinian Tango
  • Hungarian Dance
  • Kiwi Fantasy
  • Passepied
  • A Spectral Orbifold

Composed by Pedram Hekmati


  • Sheena Lin (Violin)
  • Esther Oh (Violin)
  • Irene Kim (Viola)
  • Claire Postlethwaite (Cello)
  • Jimmy Olsen (Double Bass)
  • Hye-Won Suh (Flute)
  • Alex Martin (Clarinet)
  • Alden Cai (French Horn)
  • Peter Reid (Trumpet)
  • Pedram Hekmati (Piano)
  • Caleb Goldsmith (Percussion)