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Greenwood, S. R., & Lockyer, M., Connected generalized inverse limits over Hausdorff continua. Topology Appl., to appear.

Good, C., Greenwood, S.R., Raines, B. E. and Sherman, C, A compact metric space that is universal for orbit spectra of homeomorphisms, Advances in Mathematics, 229 (1),2670-2685, 2012.

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Greenwood, S and Reilly, I.R, On feebly closed mappings, Indian J. Appl. Math., 17(9), 1101-1105, 1986.

The Advancement of Māori and Pasifika Students

Greenwood, S. R., & Sheryn, L., Perceived Route to Success by Pasifika Tertiary Students, Proceedings of Volcanic Delta 2011, 345-354. 2011

Greenwood, S. R., Kensington-Miller, B., & Afamasaga-Fuata'i, K., Learning mathematics Pacific style, Proceedings of Volcanic Delta 2011, 156-169. 2011

McMurchy-Pilkington, C., Bartholomew, H., Greenwood, S.R. 'Achieving in Mathematics: contested spaces and voices', Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Roberta Hunter Brenda Bicknell Tim Burgess(ed.), Proceedings of the 32nd Annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, 1, 1, Wellington, NZ, 5-9 July 2009, 2009, p.355-362.

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