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My research interests are mostly in the broad areas of geometric analysis and differential geometry, with emphasis on special geometric structures, their associated connections and holonomies and the relations with mathematical physics (such as the so called string theory). I am also interested in applications of representation theory of Lie algebras to questions arising from these fields.

Fields of interest

  • almost Hermitian geometry and its associated holonomies with torsion, existence of Einstein metrics in the classical or (suitably extended sense); classification of geometric structures defined by torsion conditions, differential forms, non-Riemannian holonomy reductions
  • symplectic and CR geometry; existence of Einstein metrics compatible with such structures
  • geometric structures on (pseudo)Kähler manifolds, especially existence and classification of Riemannian/holomorphic foliations, harmonic morphisms
  • supersymmetric models in string theory
  • length and products of harmonic forms, isosystolic inequalities
  • Lie algebras and their representations, geometric stabilisers of forms and spinors
  • minimal models and sub-algebras of the exterior algebra
Current research collaborations

(i.e. papers in progress) with

  • U Semmelmann (Köln, Germany)
  • A. Moroianu (Paris, France)
  • S. Chiossi (Torino, Italy)
  • J-F. Grosjean (Nancy, France)
  • Rod A. Gover (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Thomas Leistner (Adelaide, Australia)

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