NZIMA workshop on TQFTs and Knot Homology Theories

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Topological Quantum Field Theory and Knot Homology Theory

Hahei, 12 - 18 January 2010

The theme of the Workshop is Topological Quantum Field Theory and Knot Homology Theory

Like other NZIMA workshops, it features outstanding researchers, each giving a series of expository lectures aimed at a general mathematical audience.


  • Roger Fenn email, Department of Mathematics, University of Sussex
  • Vaughan Jones email, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley

Invited speakers

Conference Location

All lectures will be in the Backpackers lounge of the Tatahi Lodge

Timetable and format

Arrival: Tuesday, 12 January

Departure: Monday, 18 January

There will be a welcome barbecue on Tuesday evening

Starting Wednesday 13 January and finishing at noon on Monday 18 January, talks will run from 9am to 12:30 approximately and 7pm to 8pm daily.

Saturday, 16 January, will be a free day, as will all afternoons.


Online registration closed on October 31, 2009.

If you wish to attend the meeting and haven't already registered then you should contact David Gauld email urgently as accommodation is now full. At this stage the best we can promise is to put you on a waiting list for accommodation: we are looking for further accommodation.


Accommodation, both motel units and Backpacker type, is available in the Tatahi Lodge

Associated costs for NZ-based participants

Accommodation and some meals are free to all New Zealand based participants in the workshop.

If a New Zealand based participant is accompanied by a non-participating partner (or by family), we will ask for a contribution towards accommodation and catering costs.

We also ask that participants who have research grants make additional contributions towards costs. We can provide GST receipts or invoices for this purpose.

Alternatively, participants may wish to make tax-deductible donations to the NZMRI, in support of its mission of enhancing mathematical research in New Zealand and to enable it to continue running similar meetings in the future.

Support for NZ-based students

Accommodation and some meals are free to all NZ-based student participants. We expect to subsidise travel costs for students up to a maximum of $500.

Participants based outside of New Zealand

We welcome you to take part and will organise accommodation on your behalf. Please email David Gauld for information on associated costs.

Location and other activities

Hahei is located on the east (Pacific) coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. So it has a great beach, with lots of other beaches nearby, including Hot Water Beach which has hot springs bubbling up through the sands in case you want to warm up the Pacific. It is an excellent location for kayaking, walking, biking or relaxing. It is about 2 hours by car from Auckland. We expect to organise transport from Auckland.
You may also like to consider attending the NZMRI/NZIMA Summer Workshop on Groups, Representations and Number Theory: which takes place in Hanmer the previous week.
There is an excellent facility provided by the Automobile Association enabling you to enter where you want to start and finish and then you will be given clear directions on how to drive there, how far it is and how long to take. Be aware that the last 70km follow a narrow winding road which crosses the volcanic Coromandel Peninsula so you need to allow plenty of time and not let the views mislead you to driving to the right of the road instead of the left.

Last updated 11 September, 2009

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