In memoriam: Peter James Lorimer (16.04.1939 - 7.02.2010)

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Our former colleague Professor Peter Lorimer (who retired prematurely because of ill-health following heart problems about 10 years ago) passed away on 8 February, aged 70.

Peter had a personal chair in the department. His mathematical interests includes algebra, combinatorics and finite geometry. He was particularly well-known for his work on finite projective planes. He was also an excellent teacher, with strong views on the best ways of teaching various topics, including a coordinate-free approach to vectors.

The last few years have been tough on Peter's wife Ruth, who has looked after him at home for much of that time, with help at times from their three children Rachel, Nicole and Daniel.

A service for Peter was held at the Maclaurin Chapel (on campus) at 1pm on Thursday 11 February.

Peter James Lorimer (16.04.1939 - 8.02.2010)

A message from Ivan Reilly

Dear Colleagues,

Our late colleague, Peter Lorimer, has left his mark on our Department. Those of us who taught with him will vouch for that. There was nothing Peter enjoyed more than a frank discussion of teaching approaches to undergraduate mathematics. But I had in mind a more visible mark. Peter's hobby for many years was wood-carving. He carved, and gave to our Department, the large wooden "name plate" inscribed "mathematics" that you see as you leave the lifts on floor three. So we have his handiwork as a long-term reminder of his many contributions to this Department.

Best wishes, Ivan


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