Geometry and the Shape of the Future

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Geometry and the shape of the future

Inaugural lecture

Professor Rod Gover

13 August 2009

Department of Mathematics, 38 Princes Street, Auckland CBD

  • 6 pm. Drinks in the Foyer, 20 Symonds street
  • 7-8 pm Talk in Room Eng1439, 20 Symonds street


Geometry is not just about points and straight lines

The world around us appears to involve lengths and angles. From these emerge shape and symmetry configured in 3 dimensions.

Our mathematical ancestors realised that these notions should be important, not only for construction and surveying, but also for understanding “life, the universe and everything”.

Now, more than ever before, geometry has a key role in this quest. It is also being seen in rather unexpected places.

To understand this we shall throw away the idea that geometry is just about points and straight lines: Things can be curved well beyond M.C. Escher’s imaginative artwork.

The very idea of what geometry and shape mean is evolving rapidly.


Parking is available at $5 per night at the Owen Glenn building in Grafton Rd very near the intersection with Symonds St (about a 3 minute walk from the Engineering building).

Invited speaker(s)

Prof James Sneyd


All welcome. The talk is aimed at a general audience


Free entry.


Karren Maltseva, Adina Nagy

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