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Between the Folds

Between the Folds feedback

Origami - where Mathematics meets Art

Screening for the 1st time in New Zealand

9 September 2009

Engineering School, 20 Symonds street, Auckland CBD

  • 6 pm. Refreshments in the Neon Foyer, School or Engineering, 20 Symonds street
  • 7-8 pm. Movie projection - with an introductory talk by origami master Jonathan Baxter - in Room Eng1439, 20 Symonds street

About the movie

« Filmmaking at its most wondrous. Breathtaking. Mesmerizingly beautiful. Exhilarating »

Between the Folds chronicles the stories of 10 fine artists, theoretical mathematicians and intrepid scientists who have abandoned conventional jobs and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees – all to forge lives as modern-day paperfolders.

The film is much more than a loving look at the fascinating, brilliant characters who devote their lives to folding paper. It reveals origami itself as richer and more intricate than you could imagine.

Read about the movie and view the trailer at

Invited speaker(s)

Jonathan Baxter - New Zealand oorigami master


All welcome.


Free screening


Judy Paterson, Jonathan Baxter, Adina Nagy


Parking is available at $5 per night at the Owen Glenn building in Grafton Rd very near the intersection with Symonds St (about a 3 minute walk from the Engineering building).

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