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Course planning and enrolment

While you do not need to have your entire degree mapped out before you start, it is good to have an overall plan. Follow the links below for advice.

Choosing a Degree

Mathematics can be studied as either a major or minor in any of the most popular degrees. The Faculty of Science offers degrees in Mathematics (this includes Mathematics Education courses) and Applied Mathematics. The Faculty of Arts offers degrees and diplomas in Mathematics (this includes Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education courses). Your choice of degree depends upon what else you want to study.

BSc (Bachelor of Science, three year programme)

For a major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics, as part of a Bachelor of Science, you can combine mathematics courses with courses in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Exercise Sciences, Georgraphy, Statistics, Physics and Psychology. You can also take Mathematics courses as part of a specialisation in Bioinformatics, or Logic and Computation.

Find more detailed information about the Bachelor of Science.

BCom (Bachelor of Commerce, three year programme)

Take Mathematics along with courses in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Computer Information Systems.

Find more detailed information about the Bachelor of Commerce.

BA (Bachelor of Arts, three year programme)

For a major in Mathematics, combine mathematics courses with any from Statistics, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Education, Philosophy or any other Arts subject.

Find more detailed information about the Bachelor of Arts.

Conjoint BCom/BSc or Conjoint BA/BCom (both give two degrees in a minimum of four years)

These are challenging programmes that permit a broader education and increased employment opportunities.

Find more detailed information about conjoint degrees.

Degrees and diplomas with Mathematics

Degrees Majors Specialisations
    Mathematics Applied Mathematics Logic and Computation 2 Bioinformatics2
Bachelor of Arts BA      
Bachelor of Science BSc
Bachelor of Science Honours BSc(Hons) 2 2
Graduate Diploma in Science GradDipSci    
Postgraduate Diploma in Science PGDipSci 2  
Master of Arts MA      
Master of Science MSc 3 3

See the Graduate Mathematics sections and Mathematics Postgraduate Handbook for explanation about graduate and postgraduate (post-bachelor) degrees and diplomas.

2 Does not include a mathematics major, but require specialisations in these areas (including courses in topics other than mathematics).

3 Requires PGDipSci/BSc(Hons) in another subject than Mathematics.