Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the largest and most diverse departments within the University of Auckland, covering Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Pure Mathematics. It has a strong international reputation and offers degrees and diplomas that enjoy widespread recognition with employers in New Zealand and internationally.

Discover your Science with us

We’re much more than just New Zealand’s top ranked science faculty. We are a diverse collaborative community, full of budding scientists ready to help you discover your passion and what makes you tick.

Finding real world applications

Dr Gabriel Verret studies highly symmetrical graphs. He says it's great to be at the ‘edge’ of human knowledge, trying to find interesting avenues of research, and learning new things about mathematics.

Take 10 with Dr Claire Postlethwaite

Dr Claire Postlethwaite loves the satisfaction you get after solving a difficult mathematical problem, or writing computer code that finally works. Find out more about her research into differential equations.