Department of Mathematics

Tutoring and marking opportunities

Within the Department of Mathematics, the main types of paid employment for graduate students are assignment marking and lab demonstrating. In addition, students are employed to run tutorials and to help in the assistance room.

Assignment marking

There is a large amount of assignment marking for undergraduate courses each year. The Department pays Stage III and graduate students to do marking and this employment is open to anybody with good grades in first and second year Mathematics courses.


We also employ suitably qualified students who have ability or experience in teaching to conduct tutorials.

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Undergraduate Applicants:

We strongly encourage our tutors to take the course MATHS 202.  This is a 15-point limited selection course which provides practical experience in tutoring and marking, working in MATHS 102 or MATHS 108 tutorials.          

A concurrent or previous enrolment in MATHS 202 will be viewed favourably when we allocate tutoring and marking.  For more information about MATHS 202, or to arrange a short interview, please contact