The Kate Edger Department of Mathematics

Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education Unit has attracted research funding from government and private sources. There is regular outreach activity into schools and the New Zealand mathematics education community, and the unit has links with overseas institutions.

Permanent Research Staff

  • Julie De Saedeleer
    Undergraduate mathematics education and outreach to schools.
  • Tanya Evans    
    Professional Development of Mathematics Lecturers.
  • Igor' Kontorovich   
    Advanced mathematical thinking: problem-solving, problem posing, defining, proving and exemplifying, Olympiads and gifted students, teaching and learning university mathematics, mathematicians' ways of thinking, public-generated mathematical content.    
  • Jean-Francois Maheux 
    Mathematical activity, epistemology of mathematics (philosophy, history, culture, beliefs, discourses, etc.), early mathematical experiences.                      
  • Garry Nathan
    Conceptual understanding in mathematics and mathematical reasoning, argumentation and proof.
  • Caroline Yoon
    Conceptual understanding, task design, the teaching and learning of discrete mathematics, mathematical modelling and other topics in tertiary mathematics education.
  • Stephanie Budgett  (Statistics Department)
    Statistics education, conceptual understanding of probability at the undergraduate level, statistical literacy.
  • Maxine Pfannkuch (Statistics Department)
    Statistics education, probability from a modelling perspective, statistical thinking, statistical literacy.

Tertiary Foundation Certificate (TFC) Teaching staff


Certificate in Academic Preparation (CTACP) Teaching Staff

  • Mirko Wojnowski


Retired Staff

  • Bill Barton
  • Helen McKenzie
  • Sheena Parnell
  • Judy Paterson
  • Ivan Reilly
  • Barbara Reilly
  • Moira Statham
  • Mike Thomas


Recent visitors

  • Professor Ferdinando Arzarello, Turin University
  • Dr Mary Beisiegel, Oregon State University
  • Professor Merrilyn Goos, University of Queensland
  • Professor Horst Hamacher, Kaiserslautern University
  • Professor Celia Hoyles, University of London
  • Professor Barbara Jaworski, Loughborough University
  • Professor Colette Laborde, Joseph Fourier University
  • Professor Jean-Marie Laborde, Joseph Fourier University
  • Professor Frank Lester, Indiana University
  • Professor Bill McCallum, University of Arizona
  • Professor Kevin McLeod, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Dr Pablo Mejia Ramos, Rutgers University
  • Professor Richard Noss, University of London
  • Dr Chris Sangwin, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Alan Schoenfeld, UC Berkeley
  • Professor Rina Zazkis, Simon Fraser University

Current and recent postgraduate students

  • John Griffith Moala: Overcoming cognitive obstacles in the context of mathematical tasks.
  • Gillian Frankcom (with Education): Linking teacher anxiety and mathematical knowledge.
  • Ban Heng Choy: The role of noticing in developing mathematical thinking.
  • Lisa Darragh (with Education): Mathematics identity and transition to secondary school.
  • Iresha Ratnayake: Teacher use of digital technology tasks in the secondary mathematics classroom.
  • Dhanya Surith: Secondary mathematics teachers' subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Shehenaz Adam: The development and implementation of an ethnomathematical curriculum in the Maldives.
  • Pip Arnold (with Statistics): Developing student concepts for statistical questions, distribution and informal inference.
  • Noor Aishikin Adam: Weaving, culture and mathematics.
  • Wilfredo Alangui: Ethnomathematics and indigenous education.
  • Alan Gil delos Santos: Conceptual development on the learning of calculus with the integration of the graphic calculator.
  • Barbara Kensington-Miller: A professional development strategy based on mentoring senior mathematics teachers in low decile schools.
  • Barbara Miller-Reilly: Adults learning mathematics.
  • Mala Nataraj: The value of a historical perspective for the learning of place value.
  • Garry Nathan: Undergraduate mathematics students’ reasoning and argumentation.
  • Greg Oates: Development of a framework for a technology-integrated tertiary mathematics curriculum.
  • Judy Paterson: An instrumental case study of a professional development intervention that uses unfamiliar mathematics to prompt secondary teachers' re-thinking about learning and teaching.
  • Sepideh Stewart: Students’ conceptual understanding of linear algebra.