The Kate Edger Department of Mathematics


Group Services Manager

Name Position Phone +64 9 373 7599 Office Email
Karren Maltseva Group Services Manager Ext 87639 303.403

Maths professional staff

Name Position Phone +64 9 373 7599 Office Email
Angie Chin Financial Administrator ext 88823 302.640
Min-ah Lee Academic Services Coordinator ext 88743 303e.240
Vivian Nayon Accountant ext 87483 302.640
Anoma Ratnayake Group Services Team Leader ext 88263 303.305
Maria Rillo Group Services Coordinator ext 88777 303e.240
Deana Lado Group Services Administrator ext 85857 303e.240
Nicolas Sangiovanni Ayala Facilities Coordinator ext 88340 301.441

Sue Skelly Academic Services Team Leader ext 89189 303.405

Academic Administration

Name Position Phone +64 9 373 7599 Office Email
Paddy Bartlett Undergraduate Adviser ext 82448 303e.232
Marston Conder Head, Algebra and Combinatonics Group ext 88879 303.215
Graham Donovan Head, Applied Mathematics Unit ext 88780 303.221

Eamonn O'Brien

Chair of Research Committee

ext 88819


A. Rod Gover PhD Coordinator ext 88792 303e.249

Igor Klep

Postgraduate Coordinator (Masters, International and Exchange students)

Ext 84986


Bernd Krauskopf Head of Department ext 85704 303e.244
Garry Nathan Tutors and Markers Coordinator ext 84931 303e.151
Julia Novak Associate Dean Teaching and Learning ext 84747 303e.235
Hinke Osinga Postgraduate Coordinator (Honours and Postgraduate Diploma students) ext 85056 303.217
Claire Postlethwaite Chair of Academic Committee ext 88817 303.229A
Philip Sharp Deputy Head of Department ext 88884 303.229B
Steve Taylor International Student Coordinator ext 86622 303.223
Tom ter Elst Head, Analysis Geometry and Topology Unit ext 86901 303e.229
Caroline Yoon Head, Mathematics Education Unit ext 88740 303e.159