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Official results

What are your official results?

These are NOT what you can see online.

For NCEA students, they come in the form of a certificate on special paper which is posted to your home in mid January. This certificate details the various credits you have attempted in the previous year, along with the achievement grades (merit, excellence etc) gained. The university will have access to your Level 3 results but needs to see the Level 2 results as well. If you have gained Level 2 credits in previous years, then you will need to find that certificate too. Get verified photocopies of these certificates, as in the instructions in the enrolment pack, and post these to the university.

For Cambridge students, the official results certificate is posted to your home, or sometimes to your school, in late January or early February. If you have AS or A level results from previous years, you must send in verified copies of these as in the instructions in the enrolment pack. However the university will have access to your current results, so you do not need to send those.

How is the NCEA grade average calculated?

There are 24 achievement credits available in most NCEA courses. Your grade average for that course is calculated as a percentage by this formula: [4(number of credits at excellence) + 3(number of credits at merit) + 2(number of credits at achieved)]*100/96 to give the average grade as a percentage. Where fewer than 24 have been attempted, note the number attempted, and divide instead by 4 times that number.

Discretionary Entry form

There may be a problem finding this form on Student Services Online. If you cannot find it, download a copy below:

Discretionary Entry form
(387.2 kB, PDF)



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