Interactions with Algebra and Analysis

University of Auckland, January-June, 2005

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The New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA) is sponsoring a thematic program on
                             Geometry: Interactions with Algebra and  Analysis

The program will be based at The University of Auckland  and will run January-June, 2005.

Program themes
The program will focus on geometrical themes including (1) Discrete groups; (2)  Algebraic groups;
(3) Geometric group theory; (4) Low-dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry; (5) Geometric function theory; (6) Analysis and PDEs. 

Programme committee

The directors of the program are:

The other members of the program committee are:

Principal international participants

The visit by John Conway is funded by the University of Auckland Foundation and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Auckland. 
The  central events of the program are:

  • Summer Workshop, Napier, January 8-15, 2005   
        [incorporating the annual NZMRI meeting  and  a Gehring Festival].

  • International conference, Auckland, February 14-18, 2005
  • Workshop, Massey University (Auckland), June 27 - 28, 2005

  •          Other events include:
               A workshop at the University of Auckland, January 20
               A series of four lectures by Bill Kantor (Oregon) on "Algorithms for Sylow p-subgroups".
               Visitors are welcome to take part in these events.
                A variety of accommodation options in Auckland are available.

    Longer-term visitors
              The following will visit for longer periods in New Zealand in conjunction with the program:

              John Conway (Princeton):              January 8- January 29
              Derek Holt (Warwick):                  March 12 - March 19
              Andre Jaikin (Madrid):                   February 12 - February 24
              Bill Kantor (Oregon):                    January 8 - January 29
              Martin Liebeck (Imperial):            January 8 - February 21
              Wolfgang Knapp (Tuebingen):      January 27 - February 26
              Colin Maclachlan (Aberdeen):       January 8 - March 30
              Chuck Miller (Melbourne):           June 15 - June 30
              Cheryl Praeger (UWA):                January 30 - February 25
              Peter Schmid (Tuebingen):            February 12 - February 27
              Akos Seress (Ohio State):             January 30 - February 25
              Dave Witte-Morris (Lethbridge):  January 8 - February 19

             We anticipate that a number of other visitors will take part for various intervals.

             We welcome visits by New Zealand based academics to Auckland to take advantage of
             visitors presence during the Program and  we can offer financial support to facilitate these.
    Graduate Student Scholarships
    As part of the program, Masters and PhD scholarships are available for suitably qualified candidates. Applicants should have a BSc, Masters, or equivalent with a major in mathematics, and should apply initially to either of the directors, including the applicant's CV and academic record. The successful applicant must satisfy the admission requirements of the University of Auckland.

    Further information
    The WEB page will be updated regularly.

    For further details on the program, contact Eamonn O'Brien

    Last modified: March 2005.