Mathematics Undergraduate Teaching: Perspectives and Interactions Project

This is a Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funded project.

This project is investigating mathematics lecturing at undergraduate level at The University of Auckland. It combines lecturer and student perspectives and examines ways in which interactions take place.
The project has three components each with its own focus and research team:

  • Lecturer¬† Perspective – adapting Schoenfeld’s KOG model to tertiary mathematics lectures and then trialling this as a professional development model
  • Students Perspective - developing a clear picture of the ways in which the mathematical experiences that are offered to students facilitate or hinder them as they try to find ways of being mathematical that can co-exist with their own identities of self.
  • Lecturing Interactions - focusing on the teaching and learning environment. Students are surveyed about their expectations and beliefs about lectures, preferred lecture behaviour, effective and less-effective lecturing styles and attitudes to questions in lectures. This is developed into a framework for lecturers questioning strategies.

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