Lp-error bounds for Hermite interpolation and the associated Wirtinger inequalities

by Shayne Waldron


The B-spline representation for divided differences is used, for the first time, to provide $L_p$-bounds for the error in Hermite interpolation, and its derivatives, thereby simplifying and improving the results to be found in the extensive literature on the problem. These bounds are equivalent to certain Wirtinger inequalities (cf. \ref{FMP91:p66}).

The major result is the inequality
$$|f(x)-H_\Theta f(x)| \le {n^{1/q}\over n!} {|\omega_\Theta(x)|\over(\diam\{x,\Theta\})^{1/q}} \norm{D^nf}_q,$$
where $H_\Theta f$ is the Hermite interpolant to $f$ at the multiset of $n$ points $\Theta$,
and $\diam\{x,\Theta\}$ is the diameter of $\{x,\Theta\}$. This inequality significantly improves upon `Beesack's inequality' (cf. \ref{Be62}), on which almost all the bounds given over the last 30 years have been based.

Keywords: Hermite interpolation, B-spline, Green's function, Beesack's inequality, Wirtinger inequality

Math Review Classification: 26D10, 41A05, 41A80 (primary), 41A10, 41A44 (secondary)

Length: 21 pages

Comment: Written in TeX, contains 7 figures. Supported by the Chebyshev Professorship of Carl de Boor. See Project Hermite for related work

Last updated: 25 March 1996

Status: To appear in Constructive Approximation


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