Extracurricular Activities

1-12/2015Organiser of the fortnightly Women in Maths & Physics lunch, University of Auckland, New Zealand
7/2014-9/2015 Organiser of the weekly Applied Mathematics Seminar, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Invitation of the (mostly external) speakers, design of the timetable and organisation of the catering
31/08/2013Volunteer for the Department of Mathematics at the Courses and Careers Day, University of Auckland, New Zealand
13/05/2011Workshop "Maths Amazes" at the Skirting Science event, Hans Price Academy, Weston-super-Mare, UK
Running the workshop together with other Engineering Maths women about how to use network theory to solve mazes and model epidemics
2007-2009Organiser of Information Sessions and Open Days for Schools, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Presenting the Study of Mathematics at the University of Bielefeld to students of secondary schools and preparation of comprehensive information material
2006-2009Mentor of international students, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Intercultural exchange with international students and support with organisational problems, mentoring exchange students from Madagascar, Turkey, China, Nigeria and India
2005-2009Student Representative in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Bielefeld, Germany
  • Chief editor of the faculty and student newspaper MathInfo (two publications per year)
  • Member of the faculty tuition fee commitee and the selection commitee for a professor position in numerical analysis
  • Volunteer for many student representatives activities (e.g. first year students orientation days, the conference of German student representatives in mathematics, the university's Night of Sounds, the 24 Hour Lecture during the year of mathematics, several faculty summer parties, ...)
  • The picture on the right shows the bearnulli, the mascot of the Maths student representatives in Bielefeld.