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Semester 1, 2016

In Semester 1, I lectured

MATHS 270 and MATHS 361 are undergraduate courses and MATHS 770 is a postgraduate course. Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology is a non-credit course I give through the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Auckland.

The description of the three mathematics courses is

MATHS 270: Numerical computation

Many mathematical models occurring in science and engineering cannot be solved exactly using algebra and calculus. In this course students are introduced to computer based methods that can be used to find approximate solutions to these problems. The methods covered in the course are powerful yet simple to use. This is a core course for students who wish to advance in Applied Mathematics.

MATHS 361: Partial Differential Equations

Partial differential equations (PDEs) are used to model many important applications of phenomena in the real world such as electric fields, diffusion and wave propagation. An introduction to linear PDEs and analytical methods for their solution. The course will also cover weak solutions.

MATHS 770: Advanced Numerical Analysis

This course covers the use, implementation and analysis of efficient and reliable numerical algorithms for solving several classes of mathematical problems. The course assumes students have done an undergraduate course in numerical methods and can use Matlab or other high-level computational language.

Semester 2, 2016

I will be teaching the second half of MATHS 270 and the last third of MATHS 362. The description for MATHS 362 is

MATHS 362: Methods in Applied Mathematics

The course covers a selection of techniques including the calculus of variations, asymptotic methods and models based on conservation laws. These methods are fundamental in the analysis of traffic flow, shocks, fluid flow, as well as in control theory, and the course is recommended for students intending to advance in Applied Mathematics.