New Zealand Centurions



  1. If your nylon parka has pockets on the side and you hands sometimes catch the pockets when they (the hands) are swinging through, wear your parka inside outside.
  2. If you are wearing a baseball cap and walking into a strong headwind, the wind will often catch the peak of your cap and blow the cap away. Turn the cap around so the peak is at the back. This has the disadvantage of exposing your face to more sun.
  3. If you are walking in driving rain and you are having trouble keeping your eyes open, wear sunglasses.
  4. If you have a long-sleeve nylon parka tied around you waist, tie the parka on using a double bow. The parka can then be quickly removed from your waist by pulling on an end.
  5. If the belt of your waist pack leaves red marks on your skin, take an old full-length sock, cut a slit across the toe and tread the sock over one end of the belt. Then buckle the belt and slide part of the sock over the buckle so that you have the sock covering the belt from one hip to the other, thereby providing some padding.

Track race

  1. If you are using a small table on the inside of the track to hold your drinks and food, a gust of wind can tip over the table. If the inside of the track is dirt or grass, you can use small tent pegs and some string to hold peg down the legs of the table.
  2. If you have more than one type of drink on your table, colour code the containers using duct tape or the like. For example, blue could mean water, white diluted electrolyte and red electrolyte of standard concentration.

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Last modified: October 09, 2006.